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At Preservation of Life, our sole purpose is to provide children a well rounded dinner, educational assistance and support in becoming positive members of the community.  Our At Risk After School programs are designed to enrich the lives of these children while giving them the support system to be successful in whatever future they pursue. 

Founded in 2014, Preservation of Life has made a positive impact in our Houston communities. 

Our goal is to reach out to anyone whom seeks our assistance to build a better tomorrow.

Nutritious Dinners

A nutritious meal provided to all children ages 4-18 in low income communities.  These meals consist of:

- 5 oz protein 
- 1/2 cup vegetables
- 1/2 cup fruit
- 1 cup grains (bread/rice)
- 8 oz 1% milk

Educational Assistance


All children are offered assistance with their homework. 
Education is a main focus of our At Risk After School programs. It is our mission to provide a positive atmosphere to allow the children to excel in their school work.

Organized Activities


Enrichment and exercise are important in a well balanced upbringing.  We provide numerous sports/athletic activities as well as art & craft projects. 

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